How to Carry Your Game Or Gear – Fast, Easy and

How to Carry Your Game Or Gear – Fast, Easy and


Sportsmen have a passion: to get outdoors, to hunt, fish, hike or camp. Getting outdoors is a refreshing and fun adventure. When you embark with all your gear, returning can be a challenge. In my experience, I always come back with more than I thought I would.    โหลดเกมส์

There never seems to be enough room.

There are several methods to carry your gear or game on the trip.

On the roof, it may seem convenient to carry gear on the roof. But it is a pain to lift and load and unload everything up high above your head. Using a ladder helps, but you have to bring the ladder on the trip, taking up more spaced. All that gear loaded on the roof makes the vehicle top heavy. In addition roof mounting creates drag and can rob 20% from your gas mileage.

Storing gear inside the vehicle is another option. Interior space is limited and storing gear inside robs valuable space and decreases passenger comfort. Keeping your game inside can also be messy and really create some unpleasant odors.

A new innovative option on the market is to mount gear behind the vehicle. A rear mounted carrier, mounts directly to a SUV lift gate or sedan trunk, they are easy to load, easy to install and fold up small. They are tough, rugged and clean up easily. Rear mount carriers can be used for camping or outdoor gear or as a game bag. They load easily, are rugged, have water proof liners, and install easily on the vehicle.

Now you can carry your game outside the vehicle and keep the mess and smell outside. Or you can load your camping gear out of the wind stream saving fuel and money. Which ever direction you choose, you save time, money and come out smelling pretty good.


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