Business Cash Advance – How Does it Compare to a Bank Loan and is it Better For You?   

Business Cash Advance – How Does it Compare to a Bank Loan and is it Better For You?


The current economic crisis is bringing about a great change in the preferences for business financing sources. Merchant cash advance cash advance providers have risen to the occasion in the economic crunch to help struggling businesses while traditional banks are either closing themselves down or refusing loans.

However, the economic slowdown is not the only reason merchant cash advance providers are thriving today. They are offering services that are much more business-friendly than regular banks with stringent loan regulations.

Immediate cash availability

The approval cycle for getting an advance from a merchant cash advance provider is quite short. It takes 24-48 hours for the advance to be approved. If the borrowing party has done business with the provider before, the cash is transferred into the business account within 2 days.

If the business goes to a bank, the loan approval cycle itself takes months. This is an impossible wait for a business that is already crippled with low finances. A merchant advance provides the immediate boost needed for the business to recover and resume operations. Bank loans are too archaic to be useful, especially if you need the cash within a short period.

Flexible repayment terms

As opposed to loans, cash advances are not paid back in monthly instalments or on fixed dates. Merchant cash advance providers get their money back by getting a cut of the credit card sales of the business. A percentage of the credit card sales is paid to the provider till all the debt is paid off.

The amount paid to the provider will vary with the amount of credit sales made during a time period. This is acceptable to the cash advance providers and there is no penalty for a slump in sales. Some providers are so flexible that they do not ask for payments during slow months.

There is no such flexibility with a bank loan. Even if the bank understands the predicament of the business, penalties will still be levied for late payments.

Only business guarantees

Merchant cash advance is approved for a business and is not directly linked with the business owner. The business owner does not have to provide information on personal collaterals or give personal guarantees for repayment of the cash advance. The merchant cash advance provider has a direct stake in the business, and repayment is only dependent on the credit card sales.

Business owners may have to provide personal guarantees when obtaining a business loan from a bank. If the business suffers and is unable to generate revenue to repay the loan, the business owner is also in a soup.



Finding the Best Garage Doors For Your Home

Finding the Best Garage Doors For Your Home


Finding the right garage door for your home or business can require spending time on the Internet, at the local home improvement stores and garage door retailer. Remember garage doors pricing is just one of many criteria you should use in making a door selection. Customer service, warranty, construction material, design options are all important. One good source of both information and great garage   Garage door broken spring repair     doors is Mission Garage Doors.

Mission Garage Doors has a full line of wood doors that will accent any home. You can purchase an all wood Cedar, Hemlock, Oak or Redwood garage door that is customized to meet your design needs. Mission will also provide you will many examples of carriage garage doors that they have built and installed in the local area. It should be understood that a custom wood door will not have a higher initial cost but also high maintenance costs as well. In recent years the demand for weathered wood doors has increased.

If you are looking for a more conventional garage door for your home Mission Garage Doors has a full line of metal doors to meet your construction needs. Their steel carriage garage doors are embossed to give the look of a real wooden garage door without all the maintenance that an all wood door will require. In addition you can select a wood panel exterior that will provide desired weather natural wood that is currently in demand.

If you are going to heat or cool your garage or will include a workshop in your garage then you should consider one of Mission’s energy efficient doors. Foam is sandwiched between two steel plates on each panel providing an R-Value of 14.5. These panels are designed with shiplap joints to keep the outside weather outside. A heated or cooled garage will add value to your home by providing additional year around comfort.

Metal garage doors are also provide a relatively low maintenance option. Strong galvanized panels will resist wind loads and sagging. Losing your garage door during any type of storm places the entire home at risk for losing its roof. A strong door is important in providing protection to your family and your homes contents.

One of the great features of Mission Garage Doors is the ability to link your garage door opener to your homes security system. This will allow you to monitor your entire home including the garage from any where there is cell phone coverage. This will give you great peace of mind while you are away from your home. You can be notified any time your garage door is opened or closed. If you have expensive toys in your garage then this option will go a long way in protecting them.

Check out all the Mission Garage Doors and you will find that their products are hard to beat. In addition when it comes to prices you will be surprised just how affordable their products are. Remember to ask about the warranty prior to making any garage door purchase. Different models and features have different warranty coverage. Do your homework well before you make your purchase and you will find the right garage door for your home.


Facts to Know About Palliative Care Vs Hospice  

Facts to Know About Palliative Care Vs Hospice  

When serious illness or injury becomes a part of your life, or the life of someone you love, it can be hard to figure out how to cope, and what the next steps are. It may be the case that in-home care is needed, but it can be hard to know what kind of care would be best: Palliative Care, or Hospice. Here are a few things to know about these   Best Hospice Care in Los Angeles     two options to help you make an informed decision:

1) Palliative care involves pain and symptom control for many serious illnesses that inhibit daily life, including cancer, respiratory disease, Alzheimer’s, AIDS, ALS, multiple sclerosis and many more. You can receive this care in addition to curative treatments for the disease or illness. It is also not dependent on prognosis.

2) Palliative care can be given in the hospital, or as part of an outpatient treatment program, outpatient clinic, or long-term-care facility, and is almost always covered full or partially through insurance. It is also meant to assist in the treatment, by maintaining the comfort of the individual, including relief from symptoms such as trouble breathing, fatigue, depression, insomnia, bowel and bladder issues, as well a providing massage therapy or relaxation techniques as needed.

3) The main difference between palliative care and hospice is that people who are receiving hospice are no longer receiving curative treatment for their underlying disease or illness. Hospice is more about caring than curing, and is a Medicare benefit that provides palliative care to patients who are terminally ill, and only have months to live. Palliative care can be given at any stage of the disease to patients of any age.

4) Hospice also provides spiritual and emotional support, not only to the patient, but also to their family and loved ones as well. The main belief of hospice is that every individual deserves a death that is dignified and free of pain.

5) Hospice is most often provided in the patient’s home, but can also be provided in hospitals and other long-term-care facilities, and is available under Medicare, Medicaid, and most private insurance plans and HMO’s.


Where to Spray Perfume For Women

Where to Spray Perfume For Women

As many make their first foray into perfumes and colognes, they begin to wonder how to spray their women’s perfume properly. While there are a few common methods in spraying perfumes, there really is no wrong or right way.

The most common method of all perfume spraying techniques is to dab the perfume on pressure points. When applying perfume, you want to focus on dabbing it on your inner wrists and neck, which are some of the warmest parts of your body. The warmth of these    corporate event singapore,   areas will help diffuse the scent as your body naturally warms up throughout the day. You could choose to spray your perfume directly onto each pressure point, or you could choose to spray the perfume onto one pressure point and then use your inner wrists to dab and spread the perfume.

Some perfume aficionados love to spray perfume on other pressure points besides the neck and inner wrists. Other pressure points include the harder-to-reach, oft-neglected spots behind the ears and behind the knees. Because these spots are relatively hidden, many perfume lovers would argue against any direct benefits of spraying perfume on these spots. On any given day, you probably would not encounter a large number of people who would sniff behind your ears and behind your knees. So for maximum benefit, most people stick to spraying perfume on their neck and inner wrists.

Another popular perfume spraying technique is the Cloud Method. This method is commonly used by the perfume-shy-those afraid of potentially wreaking fragrant havoc in public places with strong sillage or an overpowering scent. If this sounds like you, give this method a try. With a spray or two, create a cloud of perfume in front of you. Walk into the cloud of perfume as it starts to settle.

The idea is that the perfume is evenly distributed all over your body and clothes. Then again, if you are perfume-shy you could always just do a half-spray on one of your wrists and simply dab the perfume onto your other pressure points, thereby spreading a smaller amount of perfume. Remember if you use the Cloud Method, your woman’s perfume could fade faster as most of it was probably lost in the air. Also the Cloud Method avoids those pressure points that help warm and revive your perfume.