Are We Ready For Renewable Energy Sources?

Are We Ready For Renewable Energy Sources?

The energy market is a difficult market to understand, in general we can see a big change the last few years because fossil fuels are becoming scarce and people are more aware of environmental issues and would like to use a more renewable source of energy.   causes of water scarcity   The demand for this kind of electricity in peoples homes and workplaces is growing but are we ready?

Technology check

In theory there are enough powerful technologies available for us to stop using fossil fuels all together, sun, wind and water are able to provide us with more energy than we need. So there is no problem on the technology side of this issue. The technology could have some more resources so development can go a bit faster but at this phase there is no way back and development will go faster anyway.

Government check

Governments around the globe do see the need to turn to energy from renewable sources but they miss decisiveness and courage to make drastic changes. There are some countries that do take the exemplary role serious and this means the investments are going faster and profits are being made. It is time for the united states to take part of renewable energy politics as well. We depend to much on oil companies and when time comes we will depend and pay for renewable fuels more then we should if we would invest more money now and in the near future. Our government should take advantage of the financial crisis and invest in renewable energy source to ensure a better future.

Power companies check

Power companies are not ready to provide green electricity to the majority of people, period. They invest too little if we see that just 18% of the global energy consumed comes from some sort of energy source that is renewable. Of which 13% comes from biomass (which is produced through minimal wood burning, not very eco friendly), 3% comes from hydro-power [water], 1.3 % comes from water heating and 0.8% comes from other renewable sources of energy that include geothermal, wind, solar and ocean energy.