College Football: Auburn Rising

Do you trust in Auburn?

Do you accept that in the tough Southeastern Conference, a group can really go undefeated in 2006, at that point win the SEC title game in Atlanta, to play in the BCS title game? Could a group vanquish LSU, Florida and Georgia around the same time, and afterward battle through a potential rematch (or a date with Tennessee) for the whole kit and caboodle?

Your response to that inquiry may have been significantly affected by Auburn’s milquetoast execution last Thursday night in South Carolina. Supported by 13, the Tigers battled to hold off the game Gamecocks (to beget an expression), almost blowing a 24-10 lead prior to halting Steve Spurrier’s soldiers, 24-17, at the Auburn 6 with under 20 seconds to play. RB Kenny Irons was extraordinary, scrambling for 117 yards and two scores, and QB Brandon Cox did the guardian thing, not turning the ball over while finishing 13-of-19 passes. In any case, the Tigers’ pass guard was flimsy, permitting South Carolina wideout Kenny McKinley to get open on numerous occasions, to the tune of eight gets for 110 yards and a score. Reddish-brown had been a best 20 safeguard against the pass, however the tight inclusion it appeared against LSU was mysteriously gone in Columbia a week ago.

So this end of the week Auburn has what should be a relative breather: a home game against the incredibly youthful Arkansas Razorbacks. Irons is a Heisman up-and-comer, and Arkansas is positioned close to 100th in Division I-An in halting the run. The Razorback run game is quite solid itself – sophomore Darren McFadden has two 100+ yard surging games so far this year and will play on Sundays sometime in the future – and absolutely Houston Nutt will attempt to get the ball far from Irons and Co. for to the extent that this would be possible. เล่น สล็อต ออนไลน์ Do Cox and his collectors, basically enormous junior Courtney Taylor and sophomore Rodgeriqus Smith, have sufficient capability to cover a major spread in a meeting game?

In a word: yes. Coppery has covered three successive seasons against the Razorbacks, and has the matchups all in support of its. Irons won’t take his foot off the gas pedal on the off chance that he needs to stay up with Ohio State’s Troy Smith for the Heisman. As I referenced, Arkansas’ surge protection has battled against any semblance of Alabama and Vanderbilt; Auburn’s ground assault is in a totally extraordinary stratosphere. Also, the Hogs need to run like insane, as well (they have a 5.6 yards-per-convey normal), yet Auburn is just permitting 2.4 yards per convey, which places them in the best 20 broadly. There’s basically no correlation between these protections as far as size and speed.

The patterns for the most part favor the Tigers also. Reddish is 11-4 against the spread in its last 15 generally speaking. It’s additionally 7-2 ATS in its last nine home games, 23-9-1 ATS in its last 33 meeting games, and 5-1 ATS in its last six games in which it was supported by 10.5 or more focuses. At the end of the day: when this group is expected to win large, it wins enormous. Arkansas is 0-4 ATS in its last four games (this year), and 2-7 ATS in weeks following a straight-up win. Valid, the Hogs are likewise 3-0 ATS in their last couple of games where they’ve been a 10.5-point dark horse or more terrible, so they generally realize how to keep would-be victories close. In any case, my issue is that the Arkansas groups who did that have since graduated; the current year’s group, driven by a rookie QB named Mitch Mustain, is very green, and it showed when the group got obliterated by USC (at home), 50-14 as a 7.5-point longshot. Without a doubt, Auburn doesn’t toss like SC does, yet I don’t think it is important, on the grounds that the Razorbacks will not have the option to stop Irons. I’m taking Auburn (- 15.5) facilitating Arkansas, and trusting that the Tigers will not be looking forward to their gigantic matchup with Florida one week from now.

A week ago: Another perspiration free Saturday night. I had Houston, getting 17 focuses, at Miami, and the Hurricanes attempted to try and dominate the match, not to mention top the Cougars by 17. Eventually, Miami had the option to pull out the game, however exclusively by a score of 14-13. So another simple, non-ulcer-prompting cover for us. For the year, we’re presently 4-1 against the spread, and on a four-week series of wins.

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