FIFA World Cup – A History 1930 to 1958

On the off chance that the quantity of audience members watching a game is any manual for its prevalence, at that point the FIFA World Cup is the world’s top choice, with an expected watcher boat of almost 30 billion. How totally different from the good ‘ol days.

In the mid twentieth century, the lone competition where public groups could contend, though on a novice premise was as a component of the Olympic Games. The Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) perceived the Olympic competition as a “world football title for novices” in 1914 and embraced to put together the occasion under the Olympic umbrella.

Because of the First World War the presentation of the FIFA coordinated occasion was deferred until the 1920 Summer Olympics. Belgium won the competition that year with Uruguay winning the following two titles in 1924 and 1928. During the early arranging phases of the 1932 Summer Olympics the International Olympic Committee chose to drop the football competition in light of the low prevalence of football in the United States. Accordingly, Jules Rimet, the then President of FIFA passed a vote starting a competition to be held in 1930 absolutely under FIFA’ s control. Consequently the World Cup was conceived. 1930 To respect its 100th birthday celebration and to recognize the way that it had won the last two Olympic rivalries, Uruguay was picked as the main host of the World Cup. Just four European groups participated regardless of Uruguay’s ability to pay travel costs.

The principal match was France versus Mexico. Under 1000 fans went up to see the French success 4-1. In another match, again including France, however this time against Argentina, the arbitrator set the discouraging example of helpless choices in the World Cup by finishing the game more than six minutes ahead of schedule. The following attack of the pitch by the Argentinean fans convinced the official to play the additional six minutes once the pitch had been cleared. Similarly too for Argentina. They won 1-0. The last was a genuine battle among Uruguay and Argentina. They couldn’t concede to what sort of ball to utilize so a trade off was arrived at where an alternate ball was utilized for every 50% of the match. More than 90,000 fans watched Uruguay become the primary World Cup Champions by beating Argentina 4-2.

Measurements Host Country: Uruguay

Nations: Argentina, Belgium, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, France, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, Romania, United States, Uruguay and Yugoslavia.

Last: Uruguay 4, Argentina 2

Top scorer: Guillermo Stabile, Argentina (8)

1934 On to Benito Mussolini’s fundamentalist Italy for the 1934 World Cup. สมัครแทงบอล The Italians didn’t offer voyaging costs so the past champions Uruguay so they decided not to guard their title. The USA in their subsequent World Cup endured a 7-1 loss because of the possible champs Italy who beat Czechoslovakia 2-1 after additional time.

Insights Host Country: Italy

Nations: Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Czechoslovakia, Egypt, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United States

Last: Italy 2, Czechoslovakia 1 (after additional time)

Top objective scorer (Joint) : Conen, Germany, Oldrich Nejedly, Czechoslovakia, Angelo Schiavio, Italy (4)

1938 With war mists weighty over Europe the World Cup moved to France. Italy were the top choices yet their future partners Germany liked their odds. The Germans, who had as of late attached Austria welcomed the Austrian players to decide to play for one or the other Austria or Germany. Six of the Austrians decided to play for Germany. It was certainly not a decent move as Switzerland took Germany out in the first round. The Italians traveled to the last, beating France and Brazil in transit. Hungary were no counterpart for them in the actual last, Italy winning 4-2.



Host Country: France

Nations: Belgium, Brazil, Cuba, Czechoslovakia, Dutch East Indies , France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Sweden, Switzerland

Last: Italy 4, Hungary 2

Top objective scorer: Leonidas da Silva, Brazil (8) The Second World War After 1939 the world had more significant issue to consider other than football and Italy held the World Cup Trophy under the bed of Ottorino Barassi, the Italian VP of FIFA, who dreaded it would be an ideal objective for Nazis. Fortunately this activity kept the prize protected and in 1946 as a recognition for Jules Rimet, whose drive prompted the formation of the World Cup Competition, the prize was formally named The Jules Rimet Trophy. As the vast majority of Europe lay in ruins and the world’s economies were crushed by the conflict the following World Cup rivalry didn’t happen until 1950.

1950 After a twelve-year lay off, the World Cup rivalry got back to South America, this time Brazil. The absence of partaking nations caused the coordinators a cerebral pain so the configuration was changed. Rather than a last Brazil, Spain, Sweden and Uruguay played in a group design that finished with Brazil simply requiring an attract its last match to dominate the cup. Be that as it may, it was not to be. Brazil’s rivals ruined the gathering by winning 2-1.

Measurements Host Country: Brazil

Nations: Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, England, Italy, Mexico, Paraguay, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United States, Uruguay, Yugoslavia

Last: Uruguay 2, Brazil 1

Top objective scorer: Ademir de Menezes, Brazil (9)

1954 This was the primary World Cup to be broadcast and the couple of individuals with TVs in those days were blessed to receive a gala of objectives, the normal being 5.38 per game. The absolute most elevated scoring games were – Hungary 9 South Korea 0, Hungary 8 West Germany 3, (a gathering stage match that the West German mentor needed to lose to try not to meet Brazil too soon) and West Germany 7 Turkey 2. The most noteworthy scoring match in World Cup history occurred during this opposition. It was the quarter last where Austria beat Switzerland 7-5. The last was a re-match of the previous game West Germany versus Hungary. This time the West German mentor Sepp Herberger handled his most grounded side and beat Hungary 3-2

Insights Host Country: Switzerland

Nations: Austria, Czechoslovakia, Belgium, Brazil, England, France, Hungary, Italy, Mexico, Scotland, South Korea, Switzerland, Turkey, Uruguay, West Germany, Yugoslavia

Last: West Germany 3, Hungary 2

Top objective scorer: Sandor Kocsis, Hungary (11)

1958 Again in Europe, this time Sweden, the 1958 World Cup saw the introduction on the world phase of a 17 year old Brazilian bound to turn into the most acclaimed footballer on the planet – Pele. He scored a sum of six objectives in the competition remembering three for the last against has Sweden that Brazil won 5-2.


Host Country: Sweden

Nations: Argentina, Austria, Brazil, Czechoslovakia, England, France, Hungary, Mexico, Northern Ireland, Paraguay, Scotland, Sweden, USSR, West Germany, Wales, Yugoslavia

Last: Brazil 5, Sweden 2

Top objective scorer: Just Fontaine, France (13) Still the record.

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