North American Soccer

1904 Summer Olympic Games

Did you know-Canada showed up in 1904.During the III Summer Olympics in the United States, the Canadian public group put first.

1930 World Cup

Did you know-America acknowledged an encouragement to play in the principal worldwide occasion in July 1930. At the FIFA World Championship in South America, the U.S. men’s football crew amazed everybody by completing fourth, behind Uruguay (have country), Argentina and, Yugoslavia (presently Serbia). In the first round, they had crushed Paraguay 3-0. In Montevideo (Uruguay), the States was one of 13 countries to make its global presentation.

1936 Summer Olympics

Did you know-USA took an interest in the Olympic Soccer Tournament in Germany. Sadly America was beaten by Italy (0-1) in the first round. คาสิโน ดียังไง

1948 Olympics

Did you know-The Mexican Olympic Committee sent a public group to the 1948 Olympics in the United Kingdom. Anyway the Mexican public soccer group didn’t make the semi-finals. In the first round, they lost 5-3 to South Korea.

1970 World Cup

Did you know-For the first run through, North America facilitated the global occasion. Between May 31 and June 21, 1970, the FIFA World Championship was held in Mexico. Two years prior, Mexico City facilitated the Olympic Football Tournament.

1977 Under-20 World Championship

Did you know-Mexico won the 1977 World Cup Qualification. Simultaneously, the Mexican men’s football crew was sprinter up at the Under-20 World Cup in North Africa, behind the Soviet Union. Twenty-eigth years after the fact, the under-17 public soccer crew set first in the worldwide contest in Lima, Peru (South America). Mexico turned into the principal North American group to fit the bill for the last in the World Championships.

1986 Global Competition

Did you know-During the FIFA CONCACAF World Qualification, the crew of Canada won the option to contend in the Men’s Football World Championship in the United Mexican States. For the clench hand time, Canada contended in the global occasion.

1988 Olympics

Did you know-The United States sent footballers to the Summer Olympic Games in South Korea.

1990 World Cup

Did you know-During the 1990 World Cup Qualification, the United States soccer group won the option to contend in the FIFA World Championship in Italy. In the worldwide contest, notwithstanding, the U.S. men’s football crew lost all its matches: Italy (1-0), Czechoslovakia (5-1), and Austria (2-1).

1999 Pan American Games

Did you know-The thirteenth Pan American Football Tournament was held in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

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