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I am a former NFL quarterback and I want to talk about the Quarterback Training Drills. I know from the emails I have received that there is a lot of interest in Quarterback Training and QB Drills all over America.

Football Quarterback Footwork drills are very important and here are a couple that are used at Penn State University.

Quarterback Drill Number One- The Board Drill

It teaches qb’s move their feet in a tight space. The quarterback takes his pass drop and then sets up using the board to shuffle through. Do not have the qb take big steps. Quick feet steps. And make sure that their eyes are downfield.

Quarterback Drill Number Two- Six Yard Square Drill

This drill is a five step drop drill. You want to spend as much time as you can working on individual drills working on dropping and moving on the run. The drill is to have 4 cones setup in a square. The first leg the qb does a 5 step drop then runs to his right for 6 yards then forward for 6 yards, then to his left for six yards. Make sure during the drill the QB’s eyes are up and looking downfield.

Quarterback Drill Number Three- The Box Drill พนันแทงบอลที่ดีที่สุด

Have the Quarterback with football in a throwing motion jump in a clockwise motion in a one yard box. Have him do this drill 5 times. You can change the drill and make it more challenging by having the qb do cross jumps instead of a box.

Quarterback Drill Number Four- Line Drill

Have the QB use a football field line and have him jump over it back and forth as fast as he can for 20 seconds with two feet. Then do the same drill with just his left foot. Then the same drill with his right foot.

These are 4 great Quarterback footwork drills to improve his quickness.

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