Dallas Cowboys Lose Close One to Giants

This was maybe the most expected round of the NFL football season so far. The very first normal season game in the new Cowboys Stadium, a super arch for America’s football crew, and by affiliation, America’s arena.

What a lovely arena it is. Broadcast to the country on Sunday Night Football, we saw another type of sports complex. This was large enough where, laid on its side, the Empire State Building would be a similar length as the arena (or even less).

A plasma TV over the field was greater than any top quality unit since the beginning of time. The image looked perfectly clear, similarly as clear as the plasma TV set I watched the game on. วงการฟุตบอลวันนี้

Following a pleasant week one win for the Cowboys in Tampa Bay, many questions were addressed with respect to the Cowboys’ capacity to bear the deficiency of Terrell Owens and play compelling football. Tony Romo looked extraordinary at quarterback, and the group clicked as a unit.

The Giants were a troublesome adversary for the Cowboys, and this game probably won’t be as simple to win. Numerous specialists fluctuated in their expectations for this game, and it will undoubtedly be a nearby one.

Also, a nearby game it was. The game was battled as far as possible, with the Giants leaving away with a 33-31 triumph. The Giants are presently 2-0 and the Cowboys 1-1. While the Cowboys do appear as though one of the better groups in the NFL, this was a game they ought to have won.

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