Is the NFL Too Hard on Players Celebrations?

These days, the NFL is taking action against festivities more than ever. Regardless of whether you love them or disdain them, players celebrating is only a piece of the game and has consistently been that way. Without a doubt, we as a whole love the tasteful Barry-Sanders-throw the-ball-to-the-ref kind of thing, yet here and there watching a past Terrell Owens or Chad Johnson doing their insane tricks is extraordinary amusement and can make football agreeable to watch. วิเคราะห์ บา คา ร่า

With the NFL’s insatiable limbs extending each fissure of American culture to suck in an ever increasing number of easygoing fans, you’d figure the NFL would need to upgrade diversion esteem, instead of decrease it. Be that as it may, oh, refs are currently disposed to toss banners for essentially any festival, particularly one finished with colleagues. Not more than a day or two ago T.O. was hailed for doing a festival where he professed to begin a race in the Olympics, most likely mimicking famous track star Usain Bolt. He was accordingly fined 15 yards for “unsportsmanlike lead”. I ask you, what is so “unsportsmanlike” concerning that? Dislike he’s provoking the other group, which he did (incidentally against Dallas when he was with San Francisco) by remaining on the Dallas star at midfield and spreading his arms wide.

As I would like to think, that is the stuff that necessities to get hailed, not the festivals that are made for humor and to get individuals energized. I let you know this, back when Chad Johnson was hauling a wide range of things out of his repertoire, individuals really anticipated watching Bengals games just to perceive what he would do straightaway. It’s things like what make the game diversion for everybody, including the individuals who aren’t as fanatic of fans as most of us.

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