Bronc’s or Bust

One of the cardinal principles of sports wagering is don’t allow your heart to manage your head.

Now and then, that is actually quite difficult.

Ask Boston local Robert Jaynes, the Stratosphere Tower’s race and sports chief.

He’s sitting tight with the Pats, victors of the last two Super Bowls.

Then, at that point, there’s Jay Kornegay, race and sports chief at the Las Vegas Hilton and an alum of Colorado State University.

Think about who he’ll pull for in the NFL Playoffs this end of the week?

What’s more, what are the Denver Broncos, 3 1/2-point top picks over New England in a Saturday AFC game, going to do to the Pats?

“They will kick goods,” said Kornegay, whose office is decorated with orange and naval force Broncos memorabilia.

“They’re superior to a many individuals thought they’d be. To emerge from the standard season 13-3 is very acceptable.

“The Super Bowl? I think it’ll be troublesome. I think they’ll lose to Indy.”

Jaynes clearly doesn’t really accept that Denver will get that far.

“The Pats are a remote chance,” Jaynes yielded, “yet they’re topping at the ideal opportunity. They began the season sort of insecure, yet the (standard) season is 16 games in length they’re actually standing.

“Individuals have the feeling that in the event that you don’t get going the season with a lot of wins, you’re good and gone, however the Pats had a few wounds to manage prior.

“We opened Pittsbugh (versus Indy) in addition to 9 and it’s at present 9 1/2,” Jaynes proceeded

“The NFC is intense … any of them, I’d say.

“We got a great deal of fates and early cash on the Bears, yet we generally get cash on Chicago, Los Angeles and San Diego groups, so that is the same old thing.

“We have the most (prospects) cash on Seattle, however we’ve seen late cash on the Redskins.

“Carolina has an external possibility – they’re cresting at the ideal opportunity – yet we don’t have as much cash on the Panthers as the others.”

The Hilton has seen negligible activity on this current end of the week’s games and what has come in has been against the SuperBook’s initial numbers. คาสิโนมาแรง

“We opened Seattle less 10 and it’s presently 9 1/2,” said Jeff Sherman, one of Kornegay’s top helpers.

“We’re seeing Panthers and Redskin cash. The Bears are currently short $1.35 on target line.

“We opened New England in addition to 4 and it’s currently in addition to 3 1/2 short $1.20.”

Kornegay says it’s sort of a Catch 22 for him with regards to the Broncos.

“I don’t wager on these games, yet when I pick against the Broncos no one takes it serously and when I pick them, they say, “Goodness, you’re simply a Broncos fan.

“I can’t win.”

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