Fun Facts About Iraq – Home of Ancient Civilizations


Did you know…Present-day Iraq was home of the old Mesopotamian human progress, which had been situated in the Tigris-Euphrates waterway valley.

Vote based system

Did you Know…After a very long while of overbearing principle, Iraq has gained significant headway in political changes. In the key October 2005 mandate, another constitution was embraced – the first just constitution in quite a while – and another Parliament (a 275-part Council of Representatives) was picked in races. In the mean time, Ibrahim al-Jaafari accepted power in the country. He was the country’s first favorable to popularity based pioneer to take up the post of Head of Government; then, at that point, al-Jaafari was prevailed by Nuri al-Maliki. The new government has been perceived by a few countries of the world. The nation was one of the world’s most exceedingly awful fascisms from 1979 until 2003 when Saddam Hussein was toppled.


Did you know…The Arab nation is the 65th biggest country on Earth, in front of Japan, Germany and Norway. It – 168,754 square miles- – is about the size of California.

Olympic Games

Did you know… Six competitors sought Iraq, a conflict torn country beginning around 1990, at the Summer Olympic Games in the People’s Republic of China. During that time, the Iraqi Olympic Committee had their expectations nailed to Ali Adnan, a bowman. Prior to the 2008 Olympics, Adnan had prepared in the Republic of Korea, the world’s Olympic arrow based weaponry superpower.

Financial aspects

Did you know… . During the 1950s, Iraq had a somewhat high GDP for each capita in contrast with most Asian countries, including South Korea, Malaysia, and Taiwan.

The Mother Teresa of Iraq

Did you know…The country’s object of worship Madeeha Hasan Odhaib, a previous sewer, was named one of “Time” magazine’s 2008 100 Most Influential People in the world.In the last years, she supported up a large group of ladies and kids in the Arab country. “Iraq is experiencing one of the most exceedingly terrible compassionate emergencies we have at any point seen. While Madeeha properly makes Time’s rundown, ladies like her are found all through Iraq, sewing trust each join in turn. Through Madeeha we commend Iraq’s brave ladies as a whole, whose strength and creativity hold the guarantee of another first light”, said Rania, Queen of Jordan, of Madeeha. พาเล่นบาคาร่า

General Wonders

Did you know…The California size land flaunts three UNESCO World Heritage Sites:

– Hatra

– Ashur

– Samarra Archeological City


Did you know…In 2004, the public group completed fourth in the Summer Olympics in Athens, Greece, behind Argentina, Paraguay and Italy and in front of South Korea and Australia. Precisely three years on, the Iraqi men’s soccer public crew won the Asian Cup in 2007 (the victors of the local competition are frequently seen like the top picks to meet all requirements for the FIFA World Cup). The honor had been quite a while in coming. In a nation that is in some cases been unjustifiably considered one of the world’s most noticeably awful Olympic countries, this triumph turned into a model for some devastated nations in the Third World. From that point forward, Iraq’s triumph set off a rush of elation across Baghdad and Arbil, just as Mosul and other Iraqi cities. The conflict torn nation of Iraq had always lost a worldwide competition of such remaining previously.

Antiquated Wonders

Did you know…Modern-day Iraq was the site of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. These nurseries were worked by King Nebuchadnezzar II around 600 BC. Like the Colossus of Rhodes and the Statue of Zeus at Olympia, the nurseries were obliterated by time.

Global Organizations

Did you know…The nation of Iraq is a full individual from the United Nations just as the League of Arab States and the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (otherwise called OPEC ). On December 21, 1945, the Arab country was embraced by the UN. In the mid 1980s, Iraq’s minister Ismat Kittani became President of the Assembly of the United Nations in New York City, NY.


Did you know…The slow presentation of changes during the 1920s prompted autonomy from Britain in the mid 1930s, following the World War II , and Iraq turned into an advanced government.

Iraq in Miss Universe

Did you know…Inspired by Georgina Rizk’s triumph in Miss Universe 1971, the Arab country sent a challenger to the Miss Universe Pageant in San Juan de Puerto Rico in July 1972. Miss Iraq Universe, Wijdan Burham El-Deen Sulyman , showed up on Puerto Rico to an excited gladly received, yet she was wiped out in the first round. No other Iraqi lady had at any point partaken in it.


Did you know…Feisal II, previous King of Iraq, distributed “How To Defend Yourself “, a book on judo.

Public Icons

Did you know… Subsequent to winning the 2007 Asian Cup and different honors, Younes Mahmoud turned into the toast of his country. In Italy, in November 2007, Iraq’s soccer player Younes Mahmoud won the “Facchetti Award”, a prize in memory of Giacinto Facchetti, one of Europe’s most famous soccer players in the previous century. Facchetti’s child Gianfelice has said of Younes: “I considered Younes, in light of the fact that he, similar to my dad, has left a wonderful inheritance. He has given his individual comrades trust and positive thinking with the objective which empowered Iraq to win the Asian Cup in the last against Saudi Arabia. He is the competitor who set off the first genuine festival in quite a while country following quite a while of ghastliness. He has demonstrated that the desire of man is more grounded than a conflict what begun with a falsehood and which has never been clarified”.

Iraq’s Capital

Did you know…Baghdad is probably the most seasoned city on the planet. Aside from that, from 1932 to 1955, it was one of Arab’s most significant urban communities, alongside Cairo, Alexandria, Casablanca, Tehran and Karachi.


Did you know…Between 1932 and 1947, notwithstanding being comprised of in excess of 10 ethnic gatherings, Iraq was one of the most steady and serene countries in the Middle East. During that time, it had not had wars, clashes, upset d’ etats, Marxist insurgencies, and illegal intimidation. The Asian country had been put on the travel industry map: it was notable for its recorded structures, archeological destinations and Arab markets, just as fascinating artists and well disposed individuals.

Popular Women

Did you know… The California-size land is home to various striking ladies: Sabiha Al-Dabbagh, specialist; Sabiha Al-Khated, women’s activist; Intisar Shaker,athlete; Take Zaha Hadid, achitect; Queen Aliyah; Nzik Al-Mala Ikah, creator; Suad Abdallah, entertainer; Hanaa Busha, women’s activist.

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